If you want to downsize or organize but just don't
have the time; that's our specialty!

If you are reading this, you may be in a situation where you want help to deal with your “stuff”. If you are feeling overwhelmed but don’t know where to start, do not despair. We understand how challenging it can be to tackle your stuff on your own.

If you want to downsize or organize but just don’t have the time; that’s our specialty!

We will develop a plan that suits you and your needs, and find new homes and solutions for your unwanted items.

Whether you are looking for help with your closets, basement, garage, workspace or estate our hard work and organizational skills will quickly bring some calm back to your life.

Who We Are

We are a family business. We do what we do because we have experienced firsthand the freedom that comes from downsizing, organizing and letting go of things.

We pride ourselves in being able to free people from the chaos of living or working with too much stuff.

If you would like a free one-hour consultation, please let us know. We would be happy to meet with you for an hour with no obligation.


  • It was a lot easier to "tackle my stuff" knowing that the things I no longer wanted or needed were going to be donated and put to good use: my dog's old items to the Humane Society, books to the public library, clothing to Goodwill... Knowing that not only made it easier to part with my old stuff but mostly, it made me feel good to give it away. Thanks. That made a huge difference.

  • Tackle Your Stuff not only cleaned up years’ worth of built-up materials, but also reorganized our chaotic storage spaces. They were proactive in the selection and purchasing of shelving and organizational resources.

    They ensured that the proper measures were taken in the disposal of outdated materials and were responsible for donating our unused supplies to appropriate charities.

    Their focused approach to tackling our stuff transformed our office space seemingly overnight.

    Impact Public Affairs

  • We hired Tackle Your Stuff to oversee and deal with all of the household effects of an estate. This included the sorting and packaging of all household items, personal effects, and clothing. Jo-Ann and Wendy are diligent, professional and handled all personal items in a confidential manner. They also cleaned the premises and spruced up the yard. They managed the process with minimal guidance and their fee was very reasonable.

    We are pleased to recommend their services.

    Cynthia & John

  • Thank you both so much I really appreciated all your hard work. Both of you are amazing!! I will definitely keep you in mind if I need other things organized.

  • Thank you both for your magnificent work. I was really impressed by your ability to size up the problem quickly, develop an excellent strategy, and execute it smoothly.

    You did precisely what was needed (though I didn't realize beforehand that this was what I really needed): simply a better-organized storage space, so I can start whittling away at the Stuff on my own time. Thank you for doing just what was needed, and empowering me to now take over.


  • As I prepared to list my house Tackle Your Stuff de-cluttered, cleaned, and removed “stuff” to donate or recycle or for garbage as warranted.

    They are conscientious and hard working. I had complete confidence leaving them alone in my home as I went to work.

    I am very satisfied with the work that they have done.


  • I am really enjoying my new office space and finding it very productive. Thanks again, it was great working with you both.

  • Tackle Your Stuff worked efficiently and incredibly hard clearing unwanted items from my basement and dealt with all the things I was feeling overwhelmed by - where and how to get rid of e-waste, recyclables, personal papers for shredding, goods for charity etc. The task was made easier physically, practically, and emotionally - I could not have faced dealing with it all on my own. I'm very grateful for their excellent work and I strongly recommend them.

  • I think Tackle Your Stuff offers a quality service that is fast, reliable and worry free.

    I’d have no problem recommending their services.


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If you are in Ottawa or the surrounding area, contact us to arrange a free, no obligation, one-hour consultation.

Discretion is assured and no job is too embarrassing or too small. We look forward to meeting you and helping you Tackle Your Stuff!

Jo-Ann & Wendy

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